Lanhydrock 10m 2016

Lanhydrock Starc Running TeamLanhydrock 10m.


The event started at the cafe where we all collected our numbers, at first we were a little worried as the sun was out and it was feeling like a sunny day in August. Thankfully by the time we made our way to the start (at the bottom of the first hill) it had started to cool off a little.

There was a lot of chatting at the start and the race director failed to get us to listen at his first attempt. Finally we were off, a bit later that it should have been but did not seem to mind. We all started steady, as the crowd does not tend to spread fast on a hill start but as we approached the front gates of Lanhydrock house we all shot forward as the ground under foot levelled for a short 50m.

Then we were on the first downhill but as we all know in running is what goes down tends to follow with an up, an what an up. This second hill sets the tone for this entire race, tough and unforgiving as runners fast and slow alike fight the burning in their legs and at some of the steep spots gamble with a short walk, hoping to make up the time on the flat.

The race tends to be quite familiar as it takes in the popular roots, some of the park run route and also parts of ‘The Dark” route as well, but at around 8 miles takes a newish turn through a rather erie section of grey twist path and hundreds of felled trees. Admittedly at this point this section added a new technical side to the run, where hugging the corners like a racing car seemed to be the order of the day. Thankfully the weather cooled off and made for better conditions as the route is tough, tough and then tough again as the last half mile send you across grass, then through a muddy lane and then all of a sudden the finishing line is in sight, just at the right distance for a sprint finish.

The club did really well

Men won:

2nd place: Nick Loewendalh

1st Male Under 35: Nick Loewendahl

3rd Male: 40-44: Simon Williams

3rd Male 55-59: Andy Young

1st Male 60-64 Plus: Iain Walker

2nd Male 60-64 Plus: Malcolm Roberts

1st Mens Team: Nick Loewendahl, Simon Williams,James Cutlan and Brian Abbot

And the ladies

3rd Lady 35-39: Dawn Spiteri

3rd Lady 45-49: Claire Todd

Hope I haven’t missed anyone?

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