Newquay 10K 2017

Huge turnout for second GP race

The second race of the 2017 Cornish Road Running Grand Prix at Newquay saw an amazing amount of runners signed up, 800 counted which eclipsed the 550 that entered in the Newquay 10k of October 2016, writes James Cutlan.

Walking into the HQ at Newquay Sports Centre and seeing sea of colours around the two rooms with coffee stands at work, food to pick out before and after the race.

A pre-race doughnut was awfully tempting. Not a nice feeling but something to look forward to after the race. With numbers of runners ready, a pre race run across the sports field was swapped for a tarmac run from the race HQ to as far as felt needed.

With the warm up done and returning to a busy start line, the St Austell turnout was fantastic yet again. Weather was kind to us, nice and dry with a slight chill in the air.

One minute race briefing followed before a five-second countdown to the race start, and as the gun went off the mass of club runners headed off down Tretherrass Road towards the first corner.

This is a decent, flat and potentially quick-ish 10k course with two uphill sections. The first one coming after about one and half miles in. After running along the River Gannel, the sharp turning off to the right greets you with that hill. A steady gradual climb that you must remember you run back down towards the finish. That’s what certainly kept me going and I’m sure other runners too.

Getting myself into a nice running rhythm after that hill it was good to feel the flatness of the road kick in and know that this is where the race really begins. With many runners around me and slowly disappearing ahead, I could only see two St Austell runners in the distance with one runner hot on my heels.

The loop of this race begins at about two and half miles, running towards Crantock and as you past Trevella Camping site, two turnings to the right starts to bring you to the three-mile mark and back towards that lovely hill, only this time it’s downhill and the legs can really open. Such a lovely feeling!

What is also nice is as you approach the downhill, the sea of runners coming towards you and the support from the St Austell runners at the crossroads was duly noted, despite my lack of response back. Just a simple thumbs up! The recognisable route we originally came out on makes it feel like you are nearly home.

Four miles done and back through the area of Trevemper, the River Gannel is back in our sites and we are approaching the nice flat roads back along Trevemper Road, the support was amazing. Texaco Garage being a popular stop for some along with other areas too.

A lasting roar past the entrance of Newquay Zoo and back into Tretherras Road where after five and half to six miles of hard running kicks in you greeted with the second hill back into the estate. Although a short and sharp feeling the finish line is in sights and the last little climb and shouts of encouragement into finish line is a feeling of delight.

Heavy legs and a medal follows with a stamped Newquay 10k hoodie this year which was chucked on straight away. Refreshments and a goodie bag of crisps, chocolate and banana gone within minutes!

A very rewarding second race for many people and for me personally a new personal best too with this course. Another top event held by Newquay Road Runners.

Well done to everyone of St Austell Running Club today. An amazing day

Bring on Looe 10!

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