Bodmin Fire & Rescue Half Marathon

Bodmin Fire & Rescue Half Marathon

Well on a lovely Sunday morning with perfect running conditions for a half marathon, writes Melissa Rowe.

Runners prepare for the Bodmin Half Marathon on February 19, 2017.

It was cloudy a bit windy, a bit of drizzle, I was dressed for the cold weather long sleeves, long socks and a new pair of shorts.

After a team photo we all made our way out to the start in the college car park with the Fire Engine siren to start.

Off we went up to the roundabout by the Dragon Centre then on the path that takes you out towards Lanhydrock through a nice wooded area.

ALL SMILES: Before setting off for the half marathon

I was having a lovely chat with Dawn Spiteri as we made our way to Lanhydrock.  I started to warm up now so off came the long sleeve which I threw at Andy Young for safe keeping as he was chief photographer for the day.

After crossing into the grounds we started to make our way down towards the house then up into the gardens weaving our way through the paths, lots of twisting, turning, each step you had to be careful as there were roots, stones and holes to be careful of.  Then it was back up to the house where the top had to come off as I was heating up from the uphill run. Now for the second part of the loop down towards Respryn.

A lovely downhill leads you to a nice flat path heading towards the HILL OF DEATH! Well that’s how it felt when I was running up it I think it was about 10 miles long but in reality it was about a mile.

Dawn sprinted off now powering up the hill with ease.  As I slowly made progress up I realised that I could walk faster so the power walking came into play. I could see a flat-ish bit coming so I started running again, to my surprise there was more hill around the corner.

Up & up then finally I could see the water station at the top, did I needed a drink it was a welcome sight.

Then back onto the road up to the car park then back to do the second loop OMG not again!!!

A lovely downhill to the house then back to the gardens again for some more ups & downs.  It was good to see the STARC support at the house cheering us on for our second lap. Andy was there with the camera to catch us as we came up the hill from the garden part looking our best?!?!?

So now were back on the downward hill back to Respryn and the HILL OF DEATH! My memory reminded me that there was a mile marker saying 11 miles and that’s all I wanted was to see it as I know that I was near the finish.

Finally at the top of the hill with some help from a lovely man from Torbay Running Club, I had a drink from the fire man who said: “Well done nearly there,” which was true after that hill I just wanted to get through the last two miles with my legs burning!

Back across the road through the woods towards the college where I was looking forward to a sports massage.  One more hill then it was a flat-ish finish to the end I caught up another runner from Torbay and then I could see the race director waving us in.

YEAH the finish with Andy and Lesley taking the numbers.

IS IT OVER YET?: Alan and Jiri in action on Sunday

The lovely man from Torbay came over, gave me a big hug and I thanked him for his support. It was good to see the STARC supporters at the finish with big smiles and hugs. Thank you so much.

It has taken me a few days to write this because the words I wanted to use wouldn’t have been printable. It’s a very hard half marathon something I’ve done now will I do it again I can never say never but it won’t be at the top of my list.

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