Race report – Bideford Half Marathon

Race report – Bideford Half Marathon

It should have been race number three for London marathon preparation but turned out to be number one, writes Jamie Masters.

It started back in the first week of January, running  was going exceptionally well and then Boom! The next morning of a long run the second toe was throbbing, hurt to run, hurt to walk, so RICE it was for couple weeks bearing in mind still had to work (approx. 8 miles walking a day), nothing getting better so went to the quacks “Oh you’ve done some metatarsal damage.”

Working down at Treliske I thought maybe I’ll phone OC health and try get a physio appointment, week later booked in.

So went to see them and they gave me some ultrasound treatment once a week for four weeks. Seemed to have done the job, except while that foot was getting better physio said “Oh you can do some training now as long as it was slow running.” While doing that I overcompensated on the other foot which is still now a bit tender. So week leading up to race I didn’t know whether to pull out or not, I managed to get a massage from Mel and thinking I had done a 16 miles long run recently I’ll do it and see what it brings.

Race morning has arrived, we arrived all safe and sound and seeing a few other clubs from Cornwall we didn’t feel so alien 👽.

Waiting around for the start saw a few other fellow STARCs not seen for a while so gave them my excuses before I started. Really didn’t know what to expect as never done it just heard a few saying it was flattish. Listening to rocky theme tune on the start line and then the 5,4,3,2,1 countdown, off we go.

I held back for the first couple miles not knowing what to expect, it seemed like traffic had been stopped completely as didn’t see any cars except near the end, I got to the first drink station seeing that the guy next to me never grabbed a bottle, then heard him say “you going to share that?” I repeated “hey!” “Are you going to share that,” he said my reply was “yeah when I’m done” passed it over to him then sped off.

Got to about mile 5/6 and could see Anthony Jarvis (starc runner) in the distance, thinking there’s a target to try and reel in. So when we got to mile 7 it was the turn around point flat the whole way back😒, we approached a tunnel just before mile 10 which was quite long, entered it and felt weird running from light to dark in an instance such a strange feeling like it was closing in on me.

Mile 10 was midway through the tunnel which when I come out the other side I was with Anthony it took four miles to catch him.

Got past him thinking “oh c***’ what if he was saving him self for last couple miles and  I was nearly spent at this point luckily my pace didn’t really drop and then knew I could be on with a PB here.

So clock watching last two miles, legs burning, breathing well not getting enough air it felt, Decision to go all out crossed the line 1:23:27, a PB. Happy day at the office.

Some good results by Malcolm Roberts- 1st age cat, Debbie Starkey- 2nd age cat, Emma Murray- 1st age cat & Jess Buscombe 3rd age cat.

Ps. On the way home Emma told me a little mishap I have to mention, Jess and herself decided to do one last wee stop before race started, so whilst in there Emma turns around to a lady saying this is the ladies ain’t it? To HER reply yes it is. Say no more………….

Jamie Masters-1:23:27

Anthony Jarvis-1:24:30

Debbie Starkey-1:30:32

Jess Buscombe-1:31:18

Malcolm Roberts-1:33:50

Emma Murray-1:35:13

Georgina Speake-2:00:19

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