Race report – Fordh Sen Mighal 11

Fordh Sen Mighal 11

So, I promised Dawn that I would do this race with her whilst under the influence of a few to many vinos, but not one to go back on my word I went ahead and registered, writes Alison Loosley.

I had absolutely no idea what kind of race it was only that it was just over the twelve miles and I thought that will be fine because I have a few half marathons under my belt now!!

That was back in October and I kind of forgot about it until a few days before, as you do.

The race takes place along the UK’s only European designated route of culture and follows the Saints Way between Lelant and St Michaels Mount and this was its second year.

Anyway, we started our day the at Badger Pub with a very amusing race brief given by one of the organisers.

I was very tempted at this point to have a pre-race steady my nerves glass of wine, as everyone around me looked like what I would call, ‘proper runners’, they were all wearing their bandannas and back packs and I had a few jelly babies stuffed in my pockets and was wearing a bobble hat. Anyway, I decided not to do that.

The race started by the Lelant Salting’s a little after 10am and we were on our way. After a trot up a not too bad hill we hit the coastal path between Lelant and Carbis Bay and the views were absolutely stunning, the sea was like a mill pond and I thought actually I’m really loving this.

We then went through the grounds of the Carbis Bay Hotel and then promptly bumped into Tris who had gone the wrong way!!

I would say that the next part of the race took a very steep, more rural turn and I remember arriving at a monument at the top of a very steep elevation.

Here we could see the sea on both sides of the peninsular so it was pretty spectacular and the perfect selfie moment which Dawn and I took full advantage of.

We then moved on to a very muddy path where Dawn and I were slipping and sliding all over the place and of course was hilarious.

We then made our way up hills, down dales, through farmland, through people’s gardens, through woodlands, by the churchyard at Ludgven. Then over more fields, a railway crossing and then the marshlands just before Marazion.

The finish was through the dunes, on the beach and then lastly cycle path. It truly was multi terrain!! We arrived at the finish to receive the most amazing medal.

All of the marshalls were so nice to us but my particular favourite was Larry, a very encouraging fellow at the top of a really steep bit!

There were two very well stocked food stations on route that catered for those that required gluten free food. Also at the end of the race free massages were offered, buckets and sponges for cleaning off. Also, there was chilli and mince pies.

I think this race has to be my favourite adventure with St Austell Running Club. I would NEVER have contemplated doing anything like this before I joined.

I put myself completely out of my comfort zone but now cannot wait to do more trail events. I would certainly encourage everyone to do this one next year.

However, bear in mind the logistics because you do need to have a car at the start and finish due to transport not provided between the start and finish.

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