All the Cornwall Grand Prix and Multi-Terrain Race Series races, and many others, are officially licensed events with licences from either Run Britain or ARC and most of the Ultras are licensed by other bodies. Licensed events will state who has provided the license (Run Britain or ARC for example) and the license number on their publicity information. At Run Britain licensed events a copy of the License/Permit will be displayed together with a copy of the risk assessment and course map.

If an event does not state on its publicity where it has obtained a license from then the question should be asked.

This Licensing approach ensures that these events have had suitable risk assessments, management plans, marshal plans and traffic management plans done and the local authority and highways etc. have all been notified, first aid cover is provided, and the licence provides Third Party insurance cover.

If the event does not have a licence, then unless details are published relating to the event, you do not know what safety measures have been taken. If a traffic accident should occur, in which there is a possibility that runners may be involved, then there could be serious consequences from a legal standpoint. If there were no ‘Caution Runner’ signs or no marshals, then the organiser could be taken to task but then again what have the competitors signed up to when they entered? With no third-party liability cover this could be a very tricky situation between the organiser, the runner and the third party whose vehicle or property may have been damaged.

Many of our members who are used to running in the well organised events are probably unaware of the difference between licensed and unlicensed and just see all races at face value regardless of the legal status of the race.

As STARC members, you are asked to wear your club vest to help promote our club and support for the event. However, STARC do not want to inadvertently promote unlicensed events that could potentially put our members and others at risk, and so club vests should not be worn.
(What about the mileage?)

We do want everyone to enjoy running and so, If members still wish to enter that event then they do so at their own risk but we ask not to wear club colours so that the club is not deemed to be associated with unlicensed events and would like our members to support this standpoint.

Be aware of the difference and protect yourself!

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