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Member PB Lists

Last updated: 24th February 2017

About the PB Lists

These are the records since the club was formed in 2007. They show the personal best times of members that have been recorded whilst racing as a club member and being registered as representing St. Austell Running Club. Only times from races that have a certificate of measurement for that particular distance are used.

The “Open” order lists times for each distance with the quickest times at the top. The “Category” order is based upon the same data but ordered so that times achieved, are grouped together in category order again with the quickest in each category at the top. These tables enable the club record times to be shown in both the open and age category classifications.

In the “Category” order it is possible that a member may have more than one PB listed. This will occur if the member has a PB in their original age category and then records a slower time in their new age category then both PB’s will be listed. If however the time in the older age category is quicker that their time in the younger category then the slower time will be deleted.

The PB tables will be updated on a regular basis. Data from GP events in Cornwall will be collected and analysed to update the tables. If a member runs in official distance races other that the GP and achieves a PB, they need to contact the club with the details of their new times so that the tables can be updated.

Likewise if a member feels the records are incorrect then they should contact the club giving details of the error and the correct times.

The annual results of the PB tables are used as the supporting information at the year end to determine the club nominees for most improved female and male runner of the year.

If any member past or present would prefer that their names and times are not listed in these tables then please contact the Scott and those records will be deleted.

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