Marazion 10K

By “Lisa Player”

4th Feb 2015

So its 5.30am on race day and here I am wide awake – I recall reading somewhere that the optimum time for racing is 6 hours after waking. So as the race starts at 11am its all good – this girl is on a mission.

After a few messages to and from ‘stinky tree frog’ (sorry Mel I think the name is going to stick!) our lift arrives and off we go – me sitting in the back of the car listening to the boys talk about important ‘man things’ and trying to look interested and not doze off.

On arrival at Marazion its sunny but with a biting wind. We walk up to the registration building as Garry says its only a 5 minute walk. 15 minutes later we are still walking and now I can’t feel my toes.

I arrive at the start feeling pretty focussed and determined. As a background to this race, at Stormforce I failed to place in my age group and came behind someone who has never beaten me before. Now I can’t remember the last time this happened and after laughing it off and pretending not to care,I have spent the last 2 weeks gritting my teeth and preparing for the rematch. (Competitive me? Not a bit of it).

The race start is a blur, I know I’m running fast and am well up the field. 3 miles later my pace is still constant and ‘she who shall not be named’ is still somewhere behind me. I know I can keep this pace up for another 20 minutes – that’s all it is 20 minutes – I can do this!

The last mile is uphill, now I’m not great at uphill but I dig in, somewhere along the way I have passed Garry and my nemesis is still nowhere in sight. I can hear someone on my shoulder and a women’s name is called out. ‘Not bloody likely’ I think to myself and break into a full on sprint for the line. Yes – mission accomplished and I’m feeling great,

So race stats – time 47.03 and 3rd in age group. Not my fastest 10k but its all heading in the right direction. Damn, but I love racing!!!

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