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If you are looking at this page you are taking the first steps towards your running journey. Welcome to STARC Run/Walk which is a friendly organised group of people who are here to help, support and advise you on running, make friends and generally help your well being. You are able to come and run for a couple of weeks before joining to see if you think this is for you. Club Runs are from St Austell Rugby Club at 6.30pm Monday’s We have 2 groups which are as follows Intro This group is a semi structured group which run/walk approximately 1-1/1/2 miles, the group will have leaders which are there to answer any questions and support you, you are under no pressure to keep up if you can’t, any runners that are slightly quicker will loop back to the back runner, no one is left behind and this enables the group to stay together.


This group will run/walk between 2 to 3 miles max, this group will become less walking and more running the more your running develops, this group also operates the loop back system, to ensure that no runner is left behind. once you feel confident of run/walk 3 miles, you can think about moving to the main groups, on a Tuesday and Thursday where the foundation group start at 3 miles.

We are also going to start a Month’s induction to running, Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to run our 0-5k, so we are running a month induction to running, you sign up for the month, we will give you a schedule to follow and once you have completed the month, if you want to carry on you can become a club member and then attend the intro group on a Monday.

These sessions will be structured and following on each week, you will be guided by leaders throughout these sessions. While we still have COVID restrictions we will be operating our booking App system. This will be posted on our Facebook page when bookings are open, with the closing details as well. Look forward to seeing you STARC Run/Walk.

To help you get started we have designed a 0-5k planning plan ideal for those wanting get in to running for 2021.

0-5K-Plan-Club 2018

The run / walk group is for people who are just finding their feet out with running. It takes place every Monday evening at 6:30pm at Tregorrick Rugby Club.

Each session will be 30 minutes plus the warm up and cool down. It will be out and back routes or a 30 minute loop on some nights. There will be a coach at the front, middle and the back to make sure everyone is OK. We have changed to doing it this way as it gives you the choice of how much you run or walk so you are not restricted.

The front runners will be given points to loop back to the back marker to keep everyone as a group. This is essential and must be done by all runners.

Some of the comments made from the members of Run/Walk Group.

‘A good way to start off’

‘A great start to running’

‘It has been great, you lot (coaches) have lots of patience with us slow ones, thanks a lot’

‘Enjoyed the sessions – able to choose how much we run and walk’

‘Daunting but enjoyable afterwards’

‘Good that we can run at our own pace’

‘I have really enjoyed it and turned up every week! – I have made more progress than I thought I would’

‘Been coming several weeks – began being able to run nowhere – now I can run a few miles and enjoy it!’

‘Great confidence giver – I can do it!’

‘Very good people were very encouraging. Nice to go running in different places every week’

‘Ideal for someone to start running’

‘Supportive coaches that encourage you to keep going’

‘I enjoyed it – just the right level – felt I could do what I wanted to do. Feel really positive and look forward to the next session’

‘Thanks – very positive people training us!’

‘A great start – challenging enough for us but feel ready to improve’

‘Good and well paced’

‘Very enjoyable, coaches very encouraging’

‘Level about right for beginners. Enjoyed it!’

‘Great fun thoroughly enjoyed it!’

‘Really enjoyed it’

‘Enjoyed it – The right level – A challenge but I survived’

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