Track Training Schedule

STARC Track Plan Apr-Jun 2019
Date Session Session Detail
2nd Apr 400 frenzy 10 x 400m (60secs)
9th Apr Pain comes in threes ! 3 x [300m,1200m] (30secs, 3mins)
16th Apr Ramp Sprints 2 x [200m, 400, 600, 800] (60secs, 60s, 60s, 5mins)
23rd Apr Mile reps 4 x 1600m (5mins)
30th Apr Sprint Relay 12 x 200m
7th May Super Sixes 6 x 600m (90secs)
14th May Twos and Fours 4 x [200m, 400, 200, 400] (30secs, 90s, 30s, 3mins)
21st May Yasso 800s 7 x 800m (2mins)
28th May Tempo Pyramid 800m, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800 (60secs, 90s, 2mins, 90s)
4th June Fours and Eights Relay 4 x [400m,800m]
11th June 400 frenzy 10 x 400m (60secs)
18th June v Banister Time Trial 3 x 400m (2mins) warm up then 1mile Time Trial

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