Track Training Schedule

STARC Track Plan Sep-Dec 2018
Date Session Session Detail
11th Sep 400 frenzy 10 x 400m (60secs)
18th Sep Pain comes in threes ! 3 x [300m,1200m] (30secs, 3mins)
25th Sep Ramp Sprints 2 x [200m, 400, 600, 800] (60secs, 60s, 60s, 5mins)
2nd Oct Mile reps 4 x 1600m (5mins)
9th Oct Sprint Relay 12 x 200m
16th Oct Super Sixes 6 x 600m (90secs)
23rd Oct Twos and Fours 4 x [200m, 400, 200, 400] (30secs, 90s, 30s, 3mins)
30th Oct Yasso 800s 7 x 800m (2mins)
6th Nov Tempo Pyramid 800m, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800 (60secs, 90s, 2mins, 90s)
13th Nov Hill Sprints Sprints but up and down hill.
20th Nov Fours and Eights Relay 4 x [400m,800m]
27th Nov 400 frenzy 10 x 400m (60secs)
4th Dec Form Session A bit of everything with focus on form and technique
11th Dec v Banister Time Trial 3 x 400m (2mins) warm up then 1mile Time Trial
18th Dec Intro to Track and Fun Sprints Intro for new trackers and a bit of Christmas Fun

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