Penzance Triathlon

By Lisa Player

5th April 2015

So I kicked off the first triathlon in the season in my own inimitable style – breathe in, breathe out, zip on tri suit burst and I’m left standing there with everything on show like a certain Barbara Windsor in a Carry On film. Enter Garry complete with safety pins, exit Barbara Windsor to be replaced by a new look, punk rock triathlete – well I was a child of the 70’s for any of you that can remember that far back.

Had no great hopes of this race being the first in the season. Love the race itself but have never fared well on what is a pretty hilly bike course, also my swimming has been fairly hit and miss lately.

During my previous night’s sleeplessness I did decide on a new swim strategy. Normally when I know I’m racing I panic and windmill up and down the pool getting precisely nowhere. This time I decided to count to 4 in my head over and over again hoping that would give my mind something else to concentrate on. Finished the swim, looked down at my watch – 7.42, get in!!! That is the first time I’ve broken 8 minutes for 400m, there must be something in this counting lark.

Into transition and after 2 laps running around like a headless chicken trying to find my bike the marshal pointed me in the right direction. Not sure if if he was being kind or was just getting dizzy watching me run around in circles. Onto the bike and the next hour passed as a blur of hills, hills and more hills, all but one being up. Finished the bike leg a good 10 minutes faster than last year and managed to find my running shoes with no major dramas.

Due to a error on my Garmin (ok it was a user error) I had no idea of what pace I was running at but knew it felt pretty fast. Passed quite a few on the run and crossed the finish line in 1.36.51. As I crossed the line I threw myself into the arms of a male friend, only to look up and see that in fact I had never seen the poor guy before. One embarrassed triathlete who maybe should have gone to Specsavers. Many apologies mate and thank you for taking it so well.

Garry came in not long after having had a cracking swim of 7.20 and a fab bike leg of 52 minutes. That on very little training. Note I haven’t mentioned the run – its not good to see a grown man cry!

Onto presentation and I was stunned to find that I had finished as second lady only 19 seconds behind Hannah Cary, who is in her mid twenties. Not too shabby for an old bird. Chuffed to pieces although that second lap of transition is going to haunt me for a very long time …….

Lisa Player #onceanumptyalwaysanumpty

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