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Ready to get running?

Zero to 5k and Run/Walk

A friendly, relaxed and welcoming group to introduce you to running, whether you are a newcomer to running, returning after an injury or break from running, this group is aimed to build confidence, strength, stamina and a support network to start you off prior to moving on to the other club nights. Starting in January, this is a 12-week plan that aims to get you through your first parkrun as a minimum. 

Also, take part in the club's social run event of the Saint's Way in May, you can do as little as one mile or the whole 28 (ish) miles, it's entirely up to you.

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Structured Sessions

Structured sessions are undertaken on Tuesdays & Thursdays and are conducted by coaches and leaders and are open to all. The activities on regular club nights are either “Structured” or “Straight Run”. There is one structured session programmed each week and this alternates between Tuesday and Thursday. Their purpose is to develop the runner’s ability in terms of speed, strength and stamina. Sessions include hill reps, pyramids, Fartlek etc

Fitness Team

Trail Sessions

Trail sessions are planned for the first Thursday in every month.  Meeting times and locations are posted on the Club's Facebook page.


Track Sessions

Track sessions are undertaken at Par Track.

Tuesday weekly sessions are aimed at endurance road running, all speeds are welcome, this group can be split into two different speed groups.

Monday once a month runs alongside the Run/Walk group, an introduction to the track in a relaxed environment, all speeds welcome.

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