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Your race events are collated regularly by the club to maintain your distance and a Club Star is awarded for every 500 miles ran (in official races). Choose your name from the list below to view your recorded mileage.

If you’ve run in a race and it is not readily available to our Stats Co-ordinator, It is your responsibility to send proof (link to result or screen capture). If there are any discrepancies or updates, please do not hesitate to contact Iain Walker.

Please note: You must have been registered as a STARC entry to be able to claim your mileage. 

Results older than 12 months will not be considered eligible for inclusion within the stats. Please remember to include distance, date, name of event and some kind of proof if it is an event not in the Cornish GP, MTRS or Park Run or on Power of 10.

What is your mileage?

How many stars have you got?

How many races have you completed at the different distances?


A Club Star is awarded for every 500 miles ran in recorded* events.

*Recorded events relate to organised events, that have an element of competition and run over the same course for all participants.  This is why Virtual races are not included.

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