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Harrier Helvellyn Carbon Poles

Have you ever considered using poles either for walking or running? We did and we are so glad we carried out plenty of reviews. Our choice of the Harrier Helvellyn Carbon Poles was not unfounded, and we were certainly not disappointed……

Harrier Helvellyn Carbon Poles

Clive & Debra Gibbs

9 December 2022

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We had not used poles before so we were concerned about making the right choice and whether we could get any benefit from them, or would they just become something you carry and never use?
The three-piece collapsible ‘Z’ poles are light, easy to use, and a reasonable price compared to others of the same spec.
We used them for a 24-hour challenge of the Welsh Three Peaks. This included a lot of walking and running up and down a wide range of terrain and elevation. Never losing grip, always feeling strong, and not hearing that ‘clickety-clack’ that relates to the aluminium poles. We both felt that this challenge could have been a whole different story without these poles.
These poles have helped us be converted to the use, the benefits and potentially the necessity for undertaking such undertakings.
There is even a Quick Start Guide video for beginners on their pages
Harrier are an award winning small, family run team, and all their products are designed and developed by runners dealing only direct with customers and not distributing through outlets or third parties.

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