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Race Report: Beacon Beast Half Marathon 2024

This race is most definitely beauty and the beast. The race started at 9.45am, which didn’t mean a crazy early start thankfully. We all milled around deliberating if trail or running shoes were best, shorts or leggings, sleeves or vest. This time of year, you just never know. However, we were blessed with lovely sunshine the whole way round

Race Report: Beacon Beast Half Marathon 2024

Gwen Maggs

28 April 2024

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The race starts up a hill towards Bodmin beacon, it then undulates down towards Lanhydrock. It goes through some stunning woods and shows you nuggets of the area you wouldn’t know where there. Before you know it you’re at Lanhydrock and the snack station, I mean check points, these were definitely up there with the best, sweets and crisps…oh and fruit!
After this you head towards Cardinham and luckily the spring sunshine and flowers were a beautiful distraction from the now increasing elevation. Still, it’s not too bad but gives you a challenge. You then pass through Cardinham village and you’re welcomed with huge hills out of the woods for mile 10 🥵
It’s at this point you leave the tranquil forests and meet the farmland and Bodmin town, this is a long last 3-4 miles when you legs are tired. But eventually you see a church poking through the buildings and hear the cow bells and cheers.
I would say this is one of the best half marathons I have done, beauty, trail, great support from marshals and cake and tea at the end! If you like Eden Half you’ll love this race.
Verdict, it’s 14.6 miles so be warned, road shoes were a good choice but they are now brown, vest was also a good choice despite the cold start line. Nutrition was spot on, all sugar, and the miles genuinely do fly by.

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