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Race Report: Eden Project Marathon

This is something I thought I would ever be writing 😂 Running Eden marathon has never been on my radar, I’ve been happy marshalling all these year, but this year I decided to see it from the other side. The start is downhill and it was difficult to keep to the plan, not to go too fast, but to make use of the downhill road bit to try and stay on track for the cut off times, then we turned on to the track, this is not my preferred terrain but it wasn’t too wet underfoot so was able to keep ticking along, there is a slight uphill and some steps but managed this and kept moving forward,

Race Report: Eden Project Marathon

Jacqui Martin

15 October 2023

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Through the valley which is stunning this time of year and up into Luxulyan village (and I mean up and for the marathon the delight of repeating this) then past the church and a welcome bit of downhill, back to my preferred terrain road, it’s by no means flat but I kept moving along with the wonderful support of the marshals, the support of the marshals is not be underestimated it is priceless from a runners point of view (thank you all of you) then we come to Helman Tor, what a fabulous sight but not when you have to climb it 😂 up and over the top and the welcome sight of the STARC flag and then along the track towards Lanlivery, this was a little wet to say the least but got through with only one wet foot (result 🙌🏻) back on the road my comfort zone two cut offs met now the hardest one, needed to make up some time and push hard on the road as had to go back into the woods, this for me was the hardest part, very steep but fortunately dry but covered in leaves so not sure what is under foot, slowed quite a bit through here (with groaning knees) but made it to the flatter track and had to dig deep and keep moving the cut off loomed and this was the final hurdle, I had to reach the 17 mile mark before that cut off to continue. Today it all come together and I made it, never been so happy to see the marshal and for them to say I’m inside the time. Now the remaining miles to get home, the marshals and support I received along the way pushed me to the end and the wonderful reception at the end made it all worth it (sort of) I’m not going to say it was easy and that everyone should go and run it next year, but if you put the work in and hold your nerve and have great support (you all know who you are, thank you for your support and faith) you don’t know what is possible. This is way outside my comfort zone and it wasn’t easy but I did it, and I hope that if it inspires anyone to take up a challenge that they think they can’t do I have achieved more then I set out to do, it’s doesn’t have to be Eden or even a marathon just something to challenge you, hope I’ve not bored you but inspired you. Thank you STARC (what a great club you are and well done to everyone who put in so much hard work to ensure the event ran smoothly) and Eden for a great event and put me on the marshal sheet for next year 😊💜💛

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