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Race Report: The Granite Way

Signed up for this as part of preparation for Falmouth half. Spoke to a few people who said flat. Well I beg to disagree. Not mountainous hilly like Looe but that first 5 miles of the out and back is mostly uphill. Not uphill like you have to walk it but constant.

Race Report: The Granite Way

Janet Wills

10 March 2024

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The good thing, I thought, was it would be mostly downhill on the way back but it wasn't downhill enough to just let gravity take you, there was still work to be done. It was good to see all the other runners and waving to Starcs 10 and 20 runners in and out. I was hoping to get in in 1.50 to get a PB but realised it was unlikely to happen. Even stopped to take photos on the bridge, best views of the run. So, I was somewhat surprised when I finished in 1.53.54 which was about my second fastest 10 mile. I got my 1st of 1 runner in age category but felt it was well deserved as it was well within the 1.57 recorded on Run Britain rankings. So overall I think it is quite a fast course but not the easiest. Well done to everyone running today, I would love to hear what others thought

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